Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teaching with Non-Fiction Texts

This week, we've started our study of animals and their habitats.  We'll be spending the year exploring habitats of Africa, the American Southwest Deserts, the Amazon Rainforest, the Arctic and Antarctic polar habitats, and ocean habitats.  So much fun!

The habitat units merge perfectly with the common core emphasis on non-fiction texts and informative writing.  We've spent the week talking about non-fiction text features.  That means I've introduced a whole new set of terminology to my growing readers.  I had so much success teaching my kids about story elements with my Story Elements Poster Set that I decided to do the same thing with the non-fiction features.

I made up a set of posters to help my kiddos with the new terminology we're using.  I've got a display of the posters where the kids can refer to them when we talk about the parts of non-fiction books that we are reading.  I'm finding the posters are making a huge difference in solidifying the students' understanding the parts of the books and the non-fiction text terminology.

You can check out the posters at Teachers Pay Teachers. There are 17 posters in this set, but here's a quick preview of a few of the posters!