Classroom Ideas

There are so many cool things I want to try in my room!  Thanks to Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, I have a LONG list!

1. Paint my file cabinets.  A couple of my co-workers did this and it looks awesome!

Update June 24, 2014: I did it! The results are beautiful! Take a look at my post (Classroom Overhaul Step 1: Paint File Cabinets!) detailing what I did to transform two ugly file cabinets into something that fits in well with my classroom colors. 

2.  Make a stand for my take-home literacy kit bags. They are a jumbled mess now, and I need something vertical to keep them off the floor. My handy hubby is going to help me out. We have design in mind that will be a little sturdier than this, but I thought this was super cute!

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