Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hall Pass Set

How many times have you shelled out $ every August to buy new hall passes, only to have them all missing by October?  And how many times have you eyed the grimy hall passes that you have left in February, only to wonder what germs they might have carried back from the bathroom.  (Eeewwww!!)

Now you can have your own set of hall passes (to reprint as many times as you need to), along with a clip chart system to help you keep track of who has left the room. I’ve also included a bathroom display set that just might help remind your students to wash their hands AND bring your hall pass back!
This set includes:
  • Clip Chart Header & Clip Chart Cards (Boys, Girls, Library, Nurse, Office, Hall)

  • Hall Passes (Boys, Girls, Library, Nurse, Office, Hall)
  • Bathroom Poster Displays (Boys and Girls) 

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