Sunday, August 21, 2016

Celebrate the Best Year Ever (and win a TpT Gift Card)!!'d it go?  Back to School, I mean...

Mine had its highs and lows. Of course, I'm still exhausted, but I am bursting with ideas for the year!

I'll start with the lowest low. My school laptop died. Yup, the day before school started. Fortunately, our awesome school Tech Master (Marcia) gave me a student laptop loaner until she can get her hands on a replacement for me. Unfortunately, that laptop decided it doesn't like me and logged out every chance it got, particularly during my orientations.  At one point, I had all the fifth graders (about 100 kids) and their five teachers staring at me, waiting patiently, while I tried to log back on. When that didn't happen, I went on without my slide show. But, (and here's what I LOVE about kids), one of the 5th grade girls prompted me through it, predicting what I might say. (Way to go!)

Now for the high...I got a library mouse. (No picture yet; I'll post one as soon as I can get a good one of him--or her.)

Here's how it happened (and no, I didn't catch him running around the library.) I was shelving books in the 800s (literature, of course) and I had a huge brainstorm!  What if we made our theme this year "What Writers Do?" That led me to thinking about the book Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk (if you haven't read it, you need to), which led to me driving to the pet store to get our own library mouse.

More on this topic later, but here's the point of my little story. This mouse is ADORABLE! And so smart!  And the kids are SO EXCITED. As I introduced our little friend to each class this week, there were quiet squeals of excitement (I had warned them to keep it quiet so our mouse wouldn't be scared). Oh My. The joy of children is just about the best thing ever.

I want to hear your stories of your back to school week. How'd it go? Share your most memorable experiences.

Now here's for the really exciting news!  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a One Day Bonus Sale!!!  

And...they gave me a $10 gift card to give to one of you!!

Here's how you can win it. Tell us about your most memorable back to school events. If you haven't started yet, it can be from another year. Share by commenting here or on my Facebook page.

I'll pick a random winner the night of Monday, August 22 by 5 p.m. (mountain standard time). Given my battles with technology this week, I'm going to picking the winner the old-fashioned way -- yup, by drawing an entry out of hat. Nice and easy!

I'll announce the winner by commenting on the winning entry here or on the Facebook page, so be sure to check back that evening!

Start commenting! And good luck!


  1. We read Walter the farting dog to discuss manners and bathroom procedures. I encourage the kids to make fart noises as we read because it's the only time we are allowed to make that noise! The kids loved it!

  2. We read Walter the farting dog to discuss manners and bathroom procedures. I encourage the kids to make fart noises as we read because it's the only time we are allowed to make that noise! The kids loved it!

  3. There was a GIANT fly buzzing around the classroom. Kids were constantly brushing it off and of course complaining ALL. DAY. LONG. We sit down on the carpet for math, and after a couple kids swat at it, it lands on my knee. Of course they all alert me to this. I slowly reach for it, and snatch it into my hand! It's buzzing loudly and flying around in my closed fist. I flail my arm into the air and let out a scream. The class erupts into laughter. I apologize for not totally thinking that through and explain I had no idea what to do next. They say I should have squished it. Duh. We laugh some more, and then move onto the math lesson. SOOO this weekend I bought 4 fly swatters and tomorrow I'll introduce our first literacy center, Sight Word Fly Swat!

    1. You WON!!!! Time to go shopping! Email me at and I'll send you your gift card!

  4. Great post! I remember my very first day in a contract position with my own class of brand new reception students. We were sitting in a circle on the floor doing an 'all about me' activity and children had to glue a circle for a face onto their paper. (I thought) I had explained the activity clearly, scaffolded, demonstrated, given explicit instructions, but in the fraction of a second that it took for me to write something on the board, one child had carefully glued his circle onto the carpet! It was the perfect introduction to teaching 5 year olds and I still look back on that day and laugh at how surprised I was that such a thing could happen - little did I know what I was in for!!