Thursday, August 22, 2013

Learning School Rules with David! and My Mouth is a Volcano!

In addition to learning all about my new kiddos, our first week focuses on setting up our classroom behavior guidelines and reviewing school rules.

  • I launch the school rules discussion by reading the David books, by David Shannon. You know LOVE No, David!, David Goes to School and others.  
    • Angie Neal at Fall Into First  has an awesome craftivity to go with this David Goes to School. The results are hilarious, and they give me a quick preview of my kids' abilities for following directions, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and writing.
  • Next up is a series of discussions to set up our classroom guidelines. This year, thanks to some awesome bloggers, I found a series of books that I'm using. I'll be sharing my thoughts on how things went with these books in the coming weeks.
    • First up...My Mouth Is a Volcano by Julia Cook. This one is about a kiddo who's mouth keeps "erupting."  The focus of the story is how it feels to be interrupted, and how to keep yourself from interrupting during conversations. Perfect for 1st grade!  
    • I found related activities at Teachers Pay Teachers. "teach4real" offers a set of writing activities that were a great follow-up to the book.

I'm off to school! Have a great day!

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