Thursday, August 8, 2013

Woo-Hoo! I love Back-to School!

Does anybody else get more excited about Back-to-School than say...Christmas?  I love Back-to-School! It's like we're wiping last year's slate clean and get to start fresh.  (Not that I WANT to wipe last year's slate clean -- I had an awesome class!)

My classroom is close to being set up, and I've been getting geared up for implementing Common Core in my room. Today we're going to take a close look at the Backward Design Process in developing CCSS lessons.  A bunch of us worked all summer to preparing for sharing it with the rest of the staff, and I hope they embrace it as much as we have!

Anyhow, a few new products to share...I've been busy!

Apple Theme Letter Pack and Apple Theme Number Pack
Chalkboard Theme Letter Pack and Chalkboard Theme Number Pack

In these packs, you'll find sets of 2"x5" and 5"x7" letter (print and cursive script) and number cards (0-200).  You'll be able to use the small cards for small groups and centers, and the big cards for display or large group activities. They are $2 each. Here are a couple of sample pictures. Click on the links above for a closer look!

Chalkboard Letter Pack

Apple Number Pack

Next up are Behavior Clip Charts in three styles -- ChalkboardApple, and Ribbons & Stripes.  All three of these sets have two different color/terms choices each!

Chalkboard Behavior Clip Chart

Apple Theme Behavior Clip Chart

Ribbons & Stripes Theme Behavior Clip Chart
Also, check out my store for complete sets of my Chalkboard Theme Decor and Apple Theme Decor. For $15 each, you get 8 sets of each theme. These include the Number Packs, Letter Packs, Hall Pass Sets,  Where Are We - Class Location Cards, Attendance & Lunch Count Clip Charts, Agenda Cards, Behavior Clip Charts and Helping Hands Job Charts!  

Chalkboard Theme Classroom Decor Pack

Apple Theme Classroom Decor Pack, photo 1

Apple Theme Classroom Decor Pack, Photo 2

Have a GREAT Back-to-School start!  I know I will!

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